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Daniar Heri Kurniawan and Ilma Hidayati Purnomo met in 2012 during the first year of undergraduate school. Both were studying at School of Electrical Engineering and Informatics, Institute Technology of Bandung. In the second year of their study, Daniar and Ilma were separated by their major. Daniar took Computer Science major and Ilma decided to focus on Electrical Engineering Major.
After some years keeping in touch through social media only, they reunited again during their final year. Daniar struggled hard to help Ilmaโ€™s thesis and they began contacting each other more often. They also met each other in person several times.
At the end of January in 2017, Daniar expressed his feeling and his willing to marry Ilma. Then Daniar asked her fatherโ€™s blessing for their marriage. And their marriage date was decided when the two families met on March. So here they are preparing for their big day on this May.

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Alhamdulillah our wedding was faithfully celebrated on

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    Wedding Ceremony

    6:00 PM, May 7, 2017
    Baitussalam Mosque
    Balai Sartika Bikasoga,
    Jl. Suryalaya Indah No. 1-3,


    7:00 PM, May 7, 2017
    Balai Sartika Hall
    Balai Sartika Bikasoga,
    Jl. Suryalaya Indah No. 1-3,

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